elizabooks is a series of well-written but easy to read Historical and  Contemporary Romances, Mystery & Suspense, Political Thrillers, Memoir, and Poetry.

There’s not a lot of flowery prose or big complicated words that put a stop to your reading experience.  Rarely will you have to pick up a dictionary every five minutes in order to figure out what I’m saying.   My books are just well-written fiction using everyday words.   All are available as 6 x 9 print books with glossy covers.

You know you’re becoming a success when other people start pretending to be you.  And, therefore, I must write:

I, Eliza D. Ankum, aka, elizabooks, am a FREE AGENT.  I am NOT under contract to any agent or agency.  However, I have begun hearing noise that there is an unscrupulous person out there pretending to be my agent and selling my work to others.

 WARNING:  Please do not fall prey to this person.  If you want to use any of my work, without running the risk of being sued, please contact me directly at eankum51@yahoo.com

Coming in June 2020

I'd love to hear from you!

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