My latest novel in the Presidential Agent Novel Series                        

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Careful what you wish for.  You might get it.

In the third book of the Presidential Agent Novel Series, a reality TV superstar has become President of the United States. And what ensues is total chaos.

It all starts precariously enough when the body of Former President Noah Daniels is found floating face down in the Potomac River. How he got there and who shot him no one knows.

That’s the job of Marlene Loudoun, the first Black female Director of the FBI. Selected to serve during the term of an unfavorable President, Loudoun must work fast. Because the new President wants her gone.

But who would want Noah Daniels dead? And why? He was a disgraced President who’d run off with the widow of an Arab terrorist. The one responsible for blowing up the Capitol Building and half of the Senate. His death reopens an investigation into an election conspiracy that no one in Washington, especially the new President, wants re-opened.

Marlene is trying to get answers to all these puzzling questions while keeping a watchful eye on the newly elected President who’s an active racist and a known womanizer. If that weren’t enough, he has no idea how to be President. He thinks the title gives him the authority to do whatever he wants. And he’s doing just that until another body turns up. That of his most hated news reporter, Stephanie Sharp.

To get the answers she needs and save her job, Marlene calls in the Joint Special Operations Command Team 2-4 headed by Colonel Jim Madison. Will the team find the answers Marlene needs?











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