Amateur Private Investigator David Walker is summoned (out of retirement) by an old friend to help find her housekeeper’s missing granddaughter. Chicago Police has had the case for two weeks.  And so far, haven’t turned up any trace of missing 21 year old Kierra Johnson. 

David is reluctant to take the case assuming its being handed to him as charity.  But when his own daughter, Kaila, is questioned by Police as being the last person to see Kierra, David quickly has a change of heart.

Meanwhile, newly promoted Chicago police detective Jordan Singleton has been given the repugnant assignment of being lead detective on a series of murders involving missing Black college students moonlighting as high class prostitutes. All of them later found stripped naked, strangled, and dumped in garbage cans around Bronzeville that have been set ablaze.

When David arrives at the Police station to retrieve his daughter, he realizes that he and detective Singleton are both working the same case.  A case much larger than David first thought.

55 young Black women have gone missing in the city of Chicago.  And no one but the families of the missing women know they’re missing.  City leaders, fearful they have an active serial killer working the West and South Sides of Chicago, are working hard to keep the story hidden.

To solve these murders and clear his daughter’s name, David and detective Jordan Singleton must dig into the seedy side of college life and uncover what some young women are willing to do in order to have a better life.  It turns out success isn’t so free or easy.



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