Flight 404 Chapter 14

Chapter 14

The rumors started about three weeks after Sam’s death but before the actual reading of the will.

Rumor one.  Sam had left everything to Sandra his first wife.  Not true.  Rumor two.  Sam had split his vast fortune between Sandra and Tina, with his older son taking over as GM of WKXR.  Also not true.  Rumor three, the most probable one, and the one for which Sam had me prepared.  Sam’s first wife, Sandra, was going to sue me for ownership of the TV station.  I knew better.

Sam’s will was rock solid.  We’d seen to that.  Sam and I had worked together with our lawyers to solidify my rights of ownership to WKXR in case anything ever happened to him.

Sandra and Tina had been strongly persuaded to sign over any ownership claims in return for a generous monthly stipend, even though both women had remarried since their divorces from Sam.  Those monies would cease in the event they tried to sue for ownership or contest the will.

In the event that either of them insisted on going ahead with the case, Sam had instructed the lawyers to make sure the court case would tie-up all monies in the estate and no one would get a dime for years.  I knew those greedy witches wouldn’t go for that.  Neither woman was the type to risk losing her own money, ending up broke and having to return to work.  No, those dried up bitches had lived far too long on Sam’s dime. 

His will left me full ownership of the TV station, the house and accompanying properties, the cars, and enough money to keep my current lifestyle if I so desired.

I was all set to leave Peoria, when I heard that bitch Sandra was all over town acting like the grieving widow, and that she was going to kick that nigger out of what should have been her house.  I decided then and there, that there was only one thing to do – stay and fight it out.

I was going to remind everyone in this town that I was Sam’s wife, and not Sandra.

How better to get back on the radarscopes than to make a grand show of my grief.  Good manners deemed that all A-listers would have to make an appearance for one of their own.  I knew Sam would understand the business end of what I was about to do.

I would display my grief for all to see with an entire week of planned events. David Walker was designated as my official escort to for all of the events.  He and Sam had been such good friends.  It was a shame about his wife. I didn’t like her very much but she didn’t deserve to die the way she had and neither did Sam.

The week kicked off on Monday with a memorial in Sam’s honor.  The memorial was a catered affair – by invitation only. 

Tuesday, found me dedicating a plaque in Sam’s name at WKXR attended by the Mayor with a press conference immediately following where I’d make it crystal clear that the TV station was mine and mine alone.  I’d also make know my choice for WKXR’s General Manager.

When David told me about the Chicago job offer, I countered by offering him the position of General Manager.  I knew I was in no shape to handle the job and hiring someone from outside would cost a fortune.  I breathed a sigh of relief when he said yes. At the plaque dedication on Tuesday, I would name David as the new General Manager of WKXR TV.

On Wednesday a radio spot with the highest rated local DJ was confirmed.  There I would tell the radio audience an abbreviated version of Sam’s life — leaving out the messy divorces, disconnected children, and a heavy dependence on alcohol.

Thursday I had a book reading with the elementary school kids to encourage them to following their dreams the way Sam had.

And finally on Friday, I’d attend the Homecoming game and participate in the half-time activities.

I had established myself as Sam’s official widow.


Lester Schuster had caught a brief News snippet about the General Manager of a local TV station, WKXR, who had been aboard Adventure Airlines Flight 404 when it crashed.  He found the News story extremely interesting.