Flight 404 Chapter 27

Chapter 27

Traffic leading into downtown Peoria was light because of the Thanksgiving Holiday.  He arrived at WKXR TV an hour after the computer woke him. 

He parked his navy blue Ford Taurus at the rear of the building in the parking space that still bore Sam’s name and entered the private entrance to Sam’s office — now his office.  The sign painter was due to effect the change after the holidays.

A limited staff was on duty and Andy was out on assignment – taping scenes of Peoria’s Thanksgiving Day Parade for the evening News. 

He glided his body into the same chair where he’d taken up residence in the night of Sam’s death.  He wanted the office but getting it this way was bittersweet. 

So far he’d changed very few of the office’s aesthetics.  He’d put in a new sofa, the old one smelled of Sam’s cologne, and upgraded the computer.

He decided to get right down to the business at hand, before the day-to-day demands of running WKXR took over.

It turned out that the email message which had woken him earlier that morning had come from Frank.  Just saying his name brought back images from two days ago.  Images he wanted to push deep into the hidden recesses of his mind.  He knew somehow, someway that day was going to come back to bite him in the ass. 

After becoming station manager, instead of firing Andy, the two of them had reached an agreement never to mention the incident.  But here it was rearing its ugly head again.  When he left the restaurant, two days ago, he was absolutely sure that that was the last he’d ever see of Frank Roberts.

As he read the email, the expression on his face changed from one of anger to amazement then appreciation.  Says here he wants to set up a meeting to discuss the crash and go over any film footage of the crash.  He’s also going to ‘give’ me a copy of his final report to the NTSB.

“Why would he do that?”  David wondered.  After all, it was he who was at fault.  Frank owed him nothing.   

He backtracked over their discussion at lunch.  His explanation of why he’d been there that day seemed to satisfy Frank.  Perhaps this email was due to his admission to hearing the voices.  No, couldn’t be that.  Frank had told him of his own experiences with hearing the dead. 

He sat for a few moments in silent thought.  He did sense that there was a kindred spirit between the two of them and that the wall of distrust had fallen.  Should he raise it again?  The email had his spidey sense tingling.  “What did Frank really want?  More importantly what did he have that he didn’t know he had?”  He re-read the email.  “Crash site film.  That’s it!” 

He replied to Frank’s email. 


Received your email.  Would love to meet with you.  Tuesday would be fine.  Let me know what time I should expect you, and I’ll have the video footage set up and waiting.  And, yes.  I still have lots of questions.

David Walker

Managing Director

WKXR TV Peoria


After making himself a pot of coffee, the local Wal-Mart brand, he headed straight for the Tape Room.  It was his goal to review every feature story that WKXR had done on the crash of Adventure Airlines Flight 404.  This time he’d know exactly what he was stepping into before he did.