Flight 404 Chapter 41

Chapter 41

I don’t see it.  I honestly don’t see it, I said.  Sure she has her problems, but I don’t see her as a cold blooded killer.”

I gotta agree with Margaret here.  Your little girl might have been a nut case ass back when you were both younger, but she couldn’t even look at us back there. That being said, there is one thing.  I had the strangest feeling of having met her before, but not exactly her.”

“David, that’s ridiculous! What do you mean, you’ve met her before, but not her.”

“I mean she looks familiar – very familiar, but I know, I would not have remembered someone that shy.  So she can’t be the person I remember.”

I hate to say it, but the two of you might be right about her not being the person we’re looking for.

She’s so different than what I remember, too.  She’s more like the Becky before the crash – before her old man finished messing her up.  Although, for a second there I thought I saw a flash of ‘Becky The Butcher.”  

“I thought you called her Rebecca aka Lester.  Now, it’s Becky The Butcher?   Why did you call her that?”, I asked him.

“Because that’s what she became after falling into one of the ‘bathtubs’.  People said she was baptized in that bathtub and came up a new person – a killer, aka, Becky the Butcher.”

“Frank, you’re losing me.   What has a bathtub got to do with someone becoming a killer?”

“Bathtub is slang for the bloody hole made in the ground by a body falling from a great height.  While Rebecca was out with her father, she accidently fell into one of them.  She was pulled out by one of the rescuers on scene, screaming, covered in blood and body parts.  

Back in those days, there was a thick grove of trees behind the apartment buildings where we lived.  We had our club house back in there, because it was a place where we could get away from our mothers, but close enough that we still felt safe.  .

Saul had an old beagle dog that hung out around his house that he fed scraps and played with when his father wasn’t around.   Jews don’t have dogs, and especially not in the house, he said smiling up at me.  It’s a Jew thing.

Well, the dog went missing, just like the cat.  We didn’t think anything of it, we were just kids.  Well, Saul went looking for the damn thing and being buddies, me, Sam, and Curtis tagged along.  We must have searched every square inch of our little neighborhood before giving up. We decided to head back to our club house, have mom make us some peanut butter sandwiches, and talk over where we might hide if we were a dog.

I don’t think too many grown men could have handled what we saw when we broke through the hedges surrounding out club house. 

Becky was waiting for us.  She was just standing there holding one of her mother’s big kitchen knives her eyes glowing with triumph. 

She had built a little sacrificial alter out of some of the cement from the buildings destroyed in the crash and Saul’s old dog was tied down on top of it.  The poor animal was whimpering away.  It’s eyes were full of fear and sadness as if it knew what was about to happen.   

When Becky saw us, she didn’t try and run.  No, she smiled this weird smile as if she knew a great secret, looked Saul in the eyes, raised the knife over her head and plunged it into the dog’s belly.   Blood gushed from the dog’s belly and Becky’s laughter mingled with the dog’s howls of anguish.  We were all mesmerized as she pulled the knife from the dog’s belly, raised it over her head again and was about to deliver a second blow when Curtis tackled her. 

They were rolling round fighting for the knife.  Saul was puking and crying.  I was trying to help Curtis.  I think it must have been your Sam who went for help.

All I remember was strong arms pulling us apart and Becky screaming, “I’m gonna kill him.”

The grown-ups dragged Becky back to her place and we all followed.  I remember all the parents of the kids involved showed up at Becky’s.  We sat outside on the stoop while the grown-ups talked inside. 

My father came out after what seemed like forever, grabbed me by the collar and escorted me home.  I heard him tell my mother, “Edna, they’re going to let that little freak go.  For God sakes, to kill two animals the way she did, who knows what she’s capable of.”

We moved to Maryland shortly after that.


End of Part One



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