Flight 404 Chapter 52

Chapter 52

Lester Schuster saw Frank first.  His immediate reaction was to run, but discipline took control over instinct.  He knew from experience that cops like dogs, will chase after anything that runs.  Safety meant staying part of the crowd.  It was his best bet of remaining undetected.

Why bother running, anyway, he thought.  He’d stood almost face to face with Frank before and Frank hadn’t recognized him on any of those occasions, either.  He was smarter than that smug bastard any day of the week.   

Those little whiny assed Jews had started it by excluding him from everything.  It wasn’t his fault that his arrogant son of a bitch father had set his German family smack down in the middle of a bunch of Jews.

If they were God’s chosen people, then he was God’s chosen instrument.  His confidence was rising.  No one was going to stop him, again, least of all Frank.  Frank had stopped him once and that had led to everything bad that had happened to him since.

He’d been in the act of getting revenge on that tattle-tail Saul, when Frank, Curtis, and Sam had interrupted him.  And because of those bastards his father found out about him.

Because of Frank his mother had found out that her husband liked to secretly fuck her pretty little girl.

When they had dragged him back to the house, Rebecca’s father had demanded an explanation as to why she had on boy’s clothing.  He remembered screaming at him, “I’m wearing boy’s clothes because I am a boy.  I guess that makes you a homo, right day.”

It had taken him a month to recover from the beating he got that day.  By the time he got out of the hospital Frank’s family had moved away.

Eventually, all of them had left the old neighborhood and spread to different parts of the country.  All of them leading very different lives.  But they all had one thing in common.  They were all law-abiding citizens.  They paid their taxes, recorded their marriages, and divorces.  They registered their guns, vehicles, and applied for driver’s licenses.  Through Rebecca’s job, he and Mary Ellen had access to all that information.  And he’d tracked them all down one by one. 

With Saul dead, it was Frank’s time. A little smile crossed his face and he swayed gently in the night breeze as he watched Frank’s back wondering when and how he’d kill him.