Flight 404 Chapter 52

Chapter 51

By the time the three agents arrived at the Maryland airport the NTSB jet was primed and ready for take-ff.  They got on board, sat down, and buckled their seat belts and the jet roared down the runway.  Once in flight someone handed Frank a much needed cup of black coffee.

Agent Carlos Sanchez began briefing them on the situation.  Nations Air Flight 625 out of LaGuardia had gone down in Flushing Bay about forty minutes ago.  The Captain was alive, but his First Officer was dead.  So far, only one hundred of the one hundred sixty passengers onboard had been rescued.

The tower stated that Captain Wilson had radioed in that he was experiencing some difficulty but the plane crashed before he was able to give specifics.  Witnesses on the ground did not report seeing either sparks or flames, but said it appeared to them that neither one of the plane’s engines were functioning.  Weather conditions at the time of the crash were reported as a mix of freezing rain and snow with a minus five degree wind chill factor.  Runway 1LWest was swept half an hour prior to take off.

After the briefing, Agents Sanchez and Agent Schlade sat in the back of the plane running different scenarios of the crash and trying to come up with an explanation as to the engine failure.

Frank had returned to his seat.  His face was turned to the window.  He seemed more interested in the goings on outside the plane than inside.  He was in fact praying that he was wrong in what he was thinking that Saul Abramovitz had been aboard the Nations Air flight.  He wanted to call Margaret and David, but decided to wait until he saw the passenger manifest for himself.