Flight 404 Chapter 61

Chapter 61

CLICK. CLICK. CLICK.  David photographed the same man entering Rebecca Schuster’s apartment building that he remembered from the videos of the crash of Flight 404.  The man had a slight build, short dark brown hair, and dark eyes.  He was wearing a black leather jacket, plaid shirt, and blue jeans.  As he moved, he kept his head down and his hands in his pockets.  These weren’t the first photographs he’d taken of the man entering and leaving the apartment building where Rebecca lived.

Both Sylvia Abramovitz and Ray Jones said the man was Rebecca’s cousin.  His name was Lester Schuster.  And they both agreed he was nothing but trouble.  “A real SOB that one, Ray said.  Steer clear of him.  He may look like a lightweight.  But that son of a bitch is sneaky and he believes in payback.  Cross him one day and something of yours is bound to come up missing or torn apart the next day.  Can’t prove it was him, but we know.”

It was Sylvia Abramovitz who, even though she thoroughly agreed with Ray about Lester, handed David even more insight into Lester Schuster.  Sylvia thought it odd that Lester had come to stay with Rebecca after her parent’s sudden and unexplained move to Florida. 

It seems that Greta and Donald Schuster had, in the middle of the night, after a loud and violent argument with their daughter, packed up and moved without a word to anyone.  The Schuster’s, according to Sylvia, were by no means ideal neighbors, but leaving in the middle of the night was unlike them.  Mel, the building’s super, had tried unsuccessfully to enter the apartment, to check things out, but all of the locks had been changed. And the police were of no help since the two had not been reported missing by their daughter.

But perhaps the most compelling thing that Sylvia had told him – which was the reason he started investigating the young man – was how very much Lester looked like Rebecca when she had gone through that awful phase when she was killing animals.  So, much so, that she was extremely careful never to be caught alone with him.  She had told Saul of her fears but he had dismissed them, telling her that her mind was playing tricks on her.  Sylvia was not deterred.  “He still looks too much like Rebecca in drag to me.”