Flight 404 Chapter 62

Chapter 62

The Discreet Detective Agency had called him because they felt that the subject of his investigation, Rebecca Schuster, aka Mary Ellen Schuster, was acting even more suspicious than usual.

David waited for Lester Schuster to enter the building before getting out of his car.  Skillfully, he made his way across the street being careful not to be seen from any of the upper windows.  Once inside, he rang Ray Jones’ doorbell.  The elder man wasted no time in letting him in.

“He’s back.  I heard him go up the stairs, just a moment ago.”

“Yes, I know.  I was outside watching,” said David.

“Were the detectives able to get into the apartment?”

“I think so.  From the look of it, they got everything hooked up.  It’s right over here,” he said pointing to a table that was burden down with video and audio equipment.

“I didn’t touch anything.  I was waiting for you to get here.”

David walked over to the equipment, pushed a few buttons, and the screen came alive with images of Rebecca Schuster’s apartment.