Flight 404 Chapter 63

Chapter 63

The hidden cameras caught everything.  With the help of two of  Discreet’s best operative, it had only taken minutes to gain entry to Rebecca’s apartment, and about half an hour to install the cameras. 

Both David and Ray were shocked by what was unfolding on the screen.  Lester Schuster entered the apartment, removed his leather jacket, and headed for the kitchen.  Once in the kitchen, he poured himself a tall glass of orange juice and headed for the bedroom, where he removed his mustache and wig, before consuming the juice.  Underneath the wig, was a crop of bright red hair and what both men assumed at first was Rebecca Schuster. 

He or rather, she, hid the jacket and wig beneath the floorboards of the closet before removing his shirt and jeans.  Another shock.  Wrapped tightly around Lester Schuster’s chest was a piece of heavy duty white sheeting which was being used to flatten a pair of ample breasts.

As David and Ray watched, the person on the screen continued moving around the apartment getting undressed and redressed.  This time as a woman.

The phone rang and a decidedly masculine voice answered the phone and said, “No she’s not here right now.  Oh, me, I’m her cousin, Lester.  I’ll give her the message when she comes in.”  When Lester Schuster hung up, the voices started. 

  “What did they want?”

“None of your damn business, bitch.  It was for Rebecca.”

“It most certainly is my business.  I work there remember.  Now what did they say.”

“What makes you think it was work?”

“Who else would call here?  Now what did they want.”

“Nothing that you need to worry about or be a part of.”

At first David thought perhaps the audio part of the equipment was malfunctioning, but when he saw Ray cross himself, he riveted his attention to the screen.  Because both voices were coming out of Lester Schuster. 

The new voice coming out of Lester was that of a more streetwise woman with a husky feminine voice.  More Kathleen Turner than Mia Farrow.  It was not the voice he’d heard Rebecca Schuster use when they interviewed her.  This new voice was angry.  And she was screaming at Lester.  But it was Lester!

 “You must have gone somewhere last night and done something bad.  Why else would you have kept me in the dark?  Tell me what you did!