Flight 404 Chapter 64

Chapter 64

Back and forth the voices went.  A man.  A woman.  Lester Schuster.  Mary Ellen Schuster.  And then suddenly Lester erupted and  from the rouged red lips poured a confession.

“Ah, Mary you should have seen it.  It was unbelievable.  I had this idea to be a part of it.  Not just stand back and watch it.  It’s even better, you know, when you’re a part of the action.

“I was standing there watching the whole thing go down when I spotted the Captain.  Mary, that fat bastard was floating in the Bay with ice cubes all around him.  And something said to me, “Lester, pull him out.” 

“I went with it Mary! And I pulled him out.  He even thanked me!  Imagine that”, he said and started laughing.

“You’re going to get caught doing stuff like that,” said the Kathleen Turner voice.

“You’re always trying to spoil my fun.”  This time it was Lester.  “Well you can’t spoil it today cause I got him.  I got that bastard, Saul.  I got him for you Mary. I got him good. “

“I remember the way he treated you and Rebecca.  I got him for the names he used to call you, Becky the Freak, Becky, daddy’s little whore.  I got him for the things he made you do, once he found out about your old man.”

“After they pull his cold stiff body from the Bay, you can go downstairs as Rebecca and pay your condolences to old Sylvia.  And later, I’ll have a treat for you.  I got film!”

Lester Schuster raised the glass of orange juice as if making a toast, and said, “Hey, why don’t we make it a double feature.  I know seeing David Walker upset you, so why don’t we watch the film of me blowing up his wife.  We can watch her burn!”