Flight 404 Chapter 65

Chapter 65

While Ray ran to get a cold wet towel to revive David, Mary Ellen Schuster left the apartment.

When he came to, his first words were, “where’s the tape?”

“It’s still in the machine.”  answered a visibly shaken Ray. 

David struggled to sit up.  Ray could tell, the man he’d allowed access to his home was visibly shaken by the words coming out of that thing’s mouth.  He crossed him again remembering what he had seen.  Was it a man or was it a woman, or both.  In all his years, he’d never seen anything like that before. 

Ray helped David to his feet and back over to the table containing the spy equipment.  He glanced at the television screen and saw that the apartment was empty.  “Where did he – no she – damn it!  Where did they go?”


“How long ago?”

“Maybe ten – fifteen minutes.”

David turned and headed for the door.  He was reaching for his coat when Ray grabbed his arm and stopped him.

“I’m guessing from your reaction that this Kate, that they were talking about, she’s someone important to you?”

“Yes.  She was my wife.”

“Then you need to do this right way.”

In those seconds, he realized that he’d been after revenge and not justice.

“Can I use your phone?”