Flight 404 Chapter 67

Chapter 67

How did you know?

Like I said, I had a feeling I’d met her before. And it was weird because I knew without a doubt, that I’d never met Rebecca Schuster.  She was and yet wasn’t the woman I’d met before.  So, I put the Discreet Detective Agency to work following Rebecca.  And after realizing that a woman similar to Rebecca had attended Kate and my wedding reception – oh, hell I mean party, I had my mother retrieve some of Kate’s things from the attic. 

The letters were in a storage chest — a storage chest that for most of our marriage sat at the foot of our bed.  I never thought to look in it.  I guess that’s why she hid them there.  She knew they’d be safe from prying eyes.

“Can I see some of the letters?”

“I gotta warn you, they’re not for the faint of heart.” 


Dear Kate,

From the moment I laid eyes on you at the airport, I knew we belonged




 Dear Kate,

Are you trying to test my love?   I know you can’t possibly go thru

with marry that black ape.  Stop seeing him, immediately.



 Dear Kate

I was in town the other day and I came by to see you.  But you were with that nigger.  One day, I’m going to kill that nigger for you.


 The letters went on and on like that.  I had to ask, “David, when did Kate meet Lester Schuster?”

My guess is right before we were married.  I remember, she went home to meet with her parents.  She wanted to talk with them about us, that is, about my being Black and all.  She wanted to tell them in person – face to face.  She flew home.”

“Once I realized that this guy has been hanging around airports for that long, I decided to go back and check film footage from Sam’s crash. Sure enough, he was at the Indiana crash site. Hanging around in the background the way he or she did at my wedding. 

We debated on what to do with the tape.  The tape of Rebecca’s apartment, constituted an illegal wiretap.  That we knew.  At best, we could take it to the FBI, and have them reconstruct David’s investigation, or we could give it to the NTSB, clear Frank’s name and have them reconstruct David’s investigation.  We decided to clear Frank’s name.