Flight 404 Chapter 68

Chapter 68

Mary Ellen Schuster was sitting in for Rebecca Schuster as usual when the file access warning came up on her screen.  She had programmed her personnel file to send her a warning whenever anyone retrieved it for review.  The ID tag on the reviewer was National Transportation Safety Bureau.  “Frank!”

Hurriedly she took her purse from her bottom desk drawer and forced herself to walk slowly down the hall on the pretense of having to use the lady’s room.   She ran up the back stairs and made her way past the Sergeant on duty.  Her heart was pounding wildly in her chest.  She could hear Lester in the back of her head screaming, “They know, they know!  Don’t go home!  Use the escape plan.”

At six o’clock p.m. Rebecca Schuster’s supervisor reported her missing.  Several squad cars were dispatched to her home address.

Ray Jones was at home when there was a faint tap at his front door.  Opening the door, he was quickly and quietly ushered outside to a safe waiting area.  Sylvia was the next to be escorted down.  Afterward, several heavily armed men dressed in black with helmets on their heads rushed up the three flights to Rebecca Schuster’s apartment. 

“Rebecca Shuster — NYPD open the door.”  There was no response.    Ray watched as two more men in black ran up the stairs carrying what looked like a big black log.  It occurred to him that they were going to knock Rebecca’s door down. 

Across the city in downtown Manhattan, Mary Ellen Schuster still posing as Rebecca withdrew a substantial amount of money – eight thousand dollars — from her account, before the Feds were able to shut it down.

She then took the number three train out to the Bronx to where Lester garaged his truck.  Inside the locked truck, underneath the front seat was a change of clothing, a gun with ammunition, and another five thousand in cash.  She drove out of the city before roadblocks were set up.