Flight 404 Chapter 74

Chapter 74

Our plane landed pretty much on time and without incident.  I must confess I was a little apprehensive about flying with Frank.  After all Rebecca Schuster was still out there.

As I recall, we were at Baggage Claim when my mobile phone rang. 


“Margaret it’s David. LaTanya gave me the message that you’re in Virginia meeting with Frank.”

“I was, but now we’re in New York at JFK. Our plane arrived about ten minutes ago. We decided to try and convince Saul not to take this trip and if we can’t do that, we’re going to keep a look out for any signs that Rebecca might be up to her old tricks.”

“I’ve got a better idea and a probable reason why the FBI hasn’t been able to locate her.  I believe Rebecca is living as a man, as Lester Schuster.”

“I guess that makes sense. She is very convincing as a man.”   

“Yes, she is because she thinks she’s a man.  And that’s what I’ve been working on – what and where would she go as a man.  And I think I’ve got it solved.”

“Great, I’ll call you back when we get to the hotel.”

“Sounds like you and Frank are becoming quite an item.”

I watched as Frank pulled first my suitcase and then his from the luggage carousel.

“I think it has possibilities.”

“Just be careful.”

“I will. You can fax that information over to the Omni Star Hotel in Manhattan.”  We both hung up. 

“What was that about?

“David says he has a lead on Rebecca.”

“Good, I’d rather look for Rebecca any day than have another conversation with Saul.  I’m sure he still blames our last talk for his behavior during the crash.”

“You were only trying to warn him.”

“I’m afraid he doesn’t see it that way.”

By now we had made our way through the terminal and were standing on the curve with our luggage. 

“I’ll get us a taxi.  By the way, where are we staying?”

“I made reservations for us at the Omni Star Hotel.”

The package of information was waiting for us when we arrived.  According to David, Rebecca had emptied her checking account on the first day she went missing. So, he had started his search for Lester Schuster based on hotels within walking distance from a branch of the same bank that Rebecca used.  The hotel or motel, we were looking for would also have storage units nearby where Lester could store a vehicle and one which tolerated prostitution.  There were only two hotels close to the bank which Rebecca used that fit that within our search range.