Flight 404 Chapter 77

Chapter 77

No way that creep was getting away with killing Kate.  David parked his navy blue Ford Taurus in the parking lot of JFK airport.  He was dressed in a gray sweatshirt, faded jeans, and a lightweight navy windbreaker.  None of which was his usual style.  He’d made a deliberate effort not to be noticed and this was as low profile as he got.  A New York Mets cap completed his disguise.  His thirty-eight was tucked neatly into a shoulder holster concealed beneath the windbreaker.    

Carefully and stealthfully, he made his way to the International terminal.  For a Sunday evening it was unusually crowded.  About mid-way his journey, he had the uncanny feeling that he was being followed, but did his best to ignore the feeling.    But with each step, the feeling nagged at him a little more.  He told himself, that he was being paranoid and that Lester Schuster was after Saul and Frank not him.

But just in case, he thought it wise to do a little surveillance.  The gift shop was up ahead.  He’d use it as a way of determining whether or not someone was following him.  He quickly ducked into the shop and went directly to a magazine rack.   

He picked up a copy of the New Yorker and pretended he was reading, all the time keeping his eye on the front door.   It was an old spy trick he’d picked up from watching movie noir films on TV. 

As each person walked passed, he surveyed their faces for familiarity.  After a few minutes, he reassured, himself that no one was following him.  He bought the magazine and left.

He knew he’d reached the correct terminal when he saw all the television cameras.  Saul and, his wife Rose, were in the middle of an interview.  There must have been at least a half dozen or so reporters all jostling for a sound bite. 

He forgot about the reporters and even Saul and surveyed the crowd for Rebecca Schuster or any of her alters. 

He took a seat out of Saul and Sylvia’s view and continued surveying the room for either Rebecca, Mary Ellen, or Lester.

It occurred to him that she might have already done whatever damage she was going to do and that he might not get an opportunity to stop her. 

As he was waiting, one of the gate attendants went over and said something to a cleaning lady who was emptying trash not too far from the Abramovitzs, while the other one started ushering Saul, Rose, their daughter, and Sylvia down the boarding ramp.

He watched some of the interaction between the gate attendant and the cleaning lady but reserved most of his attention for Saul. 

Recognition.  It started slowly like a Kodak Insta picture coming into focus.  The hair was long, wavy and dark brown and she’d lost some weight, but it was definitely her.