Flight 404 Chapter 78

Chapter 78

That fucking Saul Abramovitz was so scared, he looked as though he was about to piss in his pants.  Man, he wanted to laugh.  It was all he could do to contain himself.  

“Saul, Saul, he thought, if you only you knew what awaited you, you’d have real reason to be scared.”  I’m gonna get you this time. 

I almost started to do you right here in front of everybody.  I was so close to you, I could have reached out and touched you.  I even heard what that ‘know it all’ wife of yours said, “Saul, will you just relax.  The FBI told us there’s nothing to worry about.  They said Rebecca is gone.  She’s disappeared from this area.  She’s probably gotten as far away from New York as she possibly can.  Come on honey relax, please.” 

I’m going kill her ass too — right along with yours.  Then I’m going home, kick off my shoes, get myself a cold beer, and watch as they hunt for your dead asses in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. 

But Saul, I have to give you this.  I love the way you beg!  I heard that too!  “Rose, I just don’t feel right about this, please let’s go home!”    Beg her again for me p l e a s e – Saul – p l e a s e !  Beg! Yes, beg for your pathetic little nothing of a life.  There won’t be any pretty little tug boats to pull your ass out of the water this time, old pal.

You’re going to know what Rebecca felt like when her father was raping her and she told you and you threatened to tell everyone if she didn’t do ‘sex things’ with you and your little friends.  Everyone thought you bastards were being kind to the little German girl whose parents were stupid enough to settle in the midst of a bunch of Jews.  But you bastards were anything but kind.  You never listened as she begged you to leave her alone.  I’d bet anything that before the day is over, you’ll beg you’re your life again.”

The gate attendant interrupted his thoughts.  She was standing in front of him, black high heel company shoes shined and her uniform freshly cleaned for the reporters, telling him that ‘she’ was lingering too long in the area.  He counted how many times her red rouged lips formed a perfect circle as she talked.  She told him, that ‘she’ needed to finish her work in the area and move on. 

“Damn shame about Maria, he thought, because this puta would have perfect!”