Flight 404 Chapter 82

Chapter 82

We were walking down the main concourse of the airport when security found us.  A body had been found on Runway 22E. 

“Rebecca?”  The name fell out of David’s mouth.  He seemed almost hopeful as he asked.

“They don’t know who it is, answered one of the security guards.  The body was too badly damaged for a positive ID. But, we’re assuming it is the woman, the two of you were chasing.  Mr. Lin wants you back in his office!”

“It has to be Rebecca, I said.  Who else could it be?”

We wasted no time in getting back to Mr. Lin’s office

“If it is her, David and I, are the only people here who have met Rebecca more than once, Frank told Mr. Lin.  I think we would have a better chance of identifying her.  If it is her?”

“You’re quite right,” Mr. Lin said.

“I think I’ll check in with the control tower, and make sure everything is OK with Flight 200,” said Agent Sanchez.

“Margaret, why don’t you wait here until we come back?  If that’s alright with Mr. Lin, Frank said.  I looked at Mr. Lin, who was looking rather sullen and I figured the man was going to have a lot of phone calls to make in the next few hours, and I would only be in his way. 

“I’d rather go with Agent Sanchez to the control tower, if that’s permitted.”