Mr. President 2016 -Chapter 8

Chapter 8

ARMY SPECIALIST OPERATIONS OFFICER Roy Johnson, was trying to be as inconspicuous as possible while keeping an eye on his new target.  But, he was clearly irritated by Director Loudoun’s questions.  Did she really think that he’d deliberately gotten the old man killed?

If he hadn’t already figured it out, this call from Director Loudoun was making it crystal clear that former President Noah Daniels was not the FBI’s nor the CIA’s most wanted target.  No, it was Ruyah al-Basir bint al-Aziz bin al-Saba.  She was who they really wanted.  And he, unfortunately had left her unguarded at the hotel, assuming her to be a no value target as he’d chased after Daniels.  After all, they – him, Madison, Blaine, and Alvarez – had destroyed that damn weather machine her and her terrorist husband, Youssef bin Caneer, had made.  And the weather of late, had been just fine.

But he knew as he listened to FBI Director Loudoun’s angry restrained voice, that if Daniels had been their main target, she would have sidelined him by now and had the boys in Public Affairs make up some cock and bull story about how the former President had had a heart attack while running along the Potomac’s shoreline trying to avoid arrest.  And as a result had fallen in.  But they hadn’t and he was still active.

“Ma’am,” he snarled into the phone, “I was trailing him as instructed.  And after trailing him to the Brookmont house, I waited outside for backup, from the hotel to arrive.  I did not engage the subject at any time, before or afterwards.”

“Did you see the former President’s killer enter the condo?”

“No ma’am.  His killer must have gotten there before me and had been waiting inside.”

“How long was former President Daniels in the house before you realized he was in trouble”

“About half an hour or so, ma’am.”

“What happened?”

“Like I said, I was outside the house in Brookmont on Ridge Drive when I heard a panic alarm, inside the house, go off.  Then one shot.

I raced into the house.  However, I didn’t see anyone when I entered. After which, I made sure the first floor was clear before making my way up to the second floor.

Broaching the second floor landing, I noted that the lights on the entire second floor were off.  I swept right towards the bedrooms at the front of the house.  All of them were empty.

I turned left and made my way towards the rear bedrooms.  That’s when I saw that there was a small red blinking light coming from one of the rear bedrooms, I thought it was the master bedroom. It was not.  It was an office connected to the master bedroom.  I made a quick visual sweep of the room and that’s when I saw him lying, on his side beneath an open safe.”

“Wait a minute!  You’re telling me his body was still in the house?  How can that be?  He was found floating face down in the Potomac River.”

“Probably because I didn’t wait for back-up ma’am.  Seeing the former President lying on the floor, I quickly made entry into the room without any interference.  I bent down to check to see if he was still alive and I got a boot to the head”

“So, his killer was still in the house?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Where are you, now, Specialist Johnson?”

“Jamaica Station, in New York ma’am.”


“I believe Lisa Miller was once former President Noah Daniels assistant and confidant.”

“Yes.  But the two of them had a rather ugly falling out over Miss Miller’s oversharing of information.”

“Yes ma’am.  But since the house the Former President visited tonight was registered under a dummy corporation filed by Miss Miller, I staked out Miss Miller’s real address figuring that once she heard the News she’d be up.  And I was right.  I captured something very interesting, ma’am.  I’m sending you the picture right now.”

Marlene looked down at her phone’s screen, then asked, “Is there anything you need?”

“The rest of the team, ma’am.  If you want to capture Former President Noah Daniels’ killer.

“I was going to do that anyway, Specialist,” Marlene answered, before pressing the end call button on her phone.

Yes. I’m going to do just that.  But not for the reason you suggested, she thought to herself.


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