Mr. President 2016 – Chapter 19

Chapter 19

THIS IS CHANNEL 4 NEWS Washington, DC.  And my name is Peter Rawlings and we’re coming on the air to bring you an update on a story we told you about earlier this evening.

It seems that the body recovered from the Potomac River just a few hours earlier is in fact, that of Former President Noah Daniels.

If you’ll recall, Former President Daniels was implicated in the 2016 election interference along with Senator Jackson ‘Ready’ McRae, and some say, our current President, Arnold Stone.   But that has yet to be proven.

All three were accused of leaking confidential White House information about Former President Zakaria Khamis’ campaign to the Russian President’s brother, Sergei Ivanovich.  Both Sergei and his brother, the current President of the Russian Republic, Spiridon Ivanovich, deny any such involvement.

Also, Former President Noah Daniels was said to have had a personal relationship with the widow of the infamous terrorist, Youssef bin Caneer, who was allegedly behind the nuclear attacks that took place in 2013 in the cities of Chicago and Wilmette in Illinois, Albany in New York, and the Four Corners Area. 

Youssef bin Caneer was also proven to be the leader of the New Republic countries of which Russia is a member. 

Right now, however, we’re going live to our reporter, Stephanie Sharp near the Chain Bridge out in Arlingwood. “Stephanie, what do you have for us?”

“Yes jack about six o’clock this evening, Emergency Services said they received a call from a man out walking his dog about a body floating face down in the Potomac River.   When Police arrived on the scene, one of the uniformed officers immediately jumped into the icy cold waters of the Potomac and tried pulling the man’s body to shore.  But quickly realized that the water was far too deep and the current moving to swiftly to effect a rescue that way.  So, the officers, both from the Metropolitan Police Department, called in the DC Coast Guard and the Metropolitan Fire & EMS to aid in pulling the man’s body from the Potomac.  It was not until they started trying to revive the victim did they realized who they’d pulled out of the Potomac.  

The unidentified man turned out to be Former President Noah Daniels who had been Former President Wayne Palmer’s Vice President and interim President during the attempted nuclear bombings of Los Angeles back in the late nineties.   At that point, the FBI was called in.

“Stephanie, do we know how Former President Noah Daniels ended up in the Potomac?”

“No, not yet, Peter.”

“Has the FBI issued a cause of death?  I’m assuming it was drowning.”

“No.  Peter you’d think so.  But the FBI has been very quiet about the cause of death so far.  But, Peter, I’m hearing unsupported rumors that the Former President may have had a bullet wound to the back of his head. Repeating, the FBI has not confirmed that yet. 

“Stephanie do you know whether the White House has been notified?”

“Yes Peter.  The White House has been notified.  And it’s said that the White House is preparing a statement that they will issue in about thirty minutes.

“Ok Stephanie.  Thank you for that report.”

“Oh.  Ah.  Ok.  I’m being told, right now, that the White House Press secretary John Spencer is about to make a statement.  Let’s listen.”