Discreet Detective Agency – Chapter 3


Chapter 3

WARNING:  For mature audiences only

IT WAS A NICELY DONE working girl’s bedroom.  Nothing too gaudy or too feminine that was off-putting to a man’s desire.  It had everything necessary to complete their transaction.  A king-sized bed.

He’d allowed her to led him in, undress him, fondle and suck on him, before he threw her on the bed and jammed his hot throbbing rod into her black cunt.

“Oh baby, that’s it.  Drive it deeper, faster, harder,” the young Black girl on the bed beneath him yelled.  She was only about seven years older than his daughter, Emma.  He shifted his weight and obeyed.

Her eyes were closed as she ground her pelvis into his pushing her hips up meeting his every downward plunge.

As she began climaxing, he shifted the weight of his body to his left arm and cupped his right hand around her slender bronze throat.  He pressed down hard with all of his strength.  The girl’s eyes popped open.  She began struggling beneath him, not with pleasure but with fear.  The more she struggled, the more excited he became.

Her slender arms and delicate hands pounded against the sides of his naked body.  And when she gored her bright red nails into his back in a desperate attempt to stop him from choking the life out of her, he only became more and more excited, pounding even harder and deeper inside her.

He prayed that the sound proofing in the building was good as he grunted loudly his cumming as the life seeped from the young Black girl.  It was even more exciting cumming inside her as she died.

He stayed on top of her and inside the body of the dead young Black girl, savoring the sensation of her lifeless body.

She’d been soooo good.  He’d have sex with her two or three more times before leaving.

He pulled out of her, rolled over onto his back, and stared up at the ceiling wondering what the fellas back at work would think of him if they knew.

Eliza D. Ankum