About The Author

I grew up in the small, and very rural, town of Latham, Alabama.

When I was 13 years old my parents made a decision that would forever change my life. My parents, Thomas and Bessie Ankum moved the family to Chicago, Illinois.

Chicago was a world apart from Latham, Alabama. Everything was different — the people and the way they moved through their world, the way they dressed, talked, and walked, and even down to the foods they ate.

My rural upbringing made me a target for Chicago’s tough inner city kids.

How did I cope? Like any other kid who finds themselves a loner, I took refuge in fantasy. Reading mostly, and watching television soap operas, detective stories, and sitcoms provided me the necessary components for great story telling.

However, it was not until years later, while watching The Oprah Show that I was inspired to write the story of my life in the True Crime Memoir, ‘STALKED! By Voices.’

The success of STALKED! By Voices led me to try my hand at blog writing with,
‘A Tiny Kitten With A Big Mouth,’ and ‘My Stalking Blog.

After which, I turned back to fiction novel writing and self-published my novels — Flight 404, Ruby Sanders, Jared Anderson, One Three Thirteen, The Hunt for Red November, Dancing With The Fat Woman, Thou Shalt Eat Dust, Eleanor Grunsback, and A Woman’s Voice:A Little book of poems.

Writing is my release.


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