Dancing With The Fat Woman

Dancing With the Fat Woman is a delightfully funny take on 21st Century dating and relationships.

Carolyn Carter is a single woman looking for love and marriage. The only thing stopping her from finding it is Carolyn Carter!

Carolyn is a plus size beauty who is looking for her Mr. Right. Trouble is Carolyn is having a hard time telling Mr. Right from Mr. Wrong. The man of her dreams, Bon Ton, gives Carolyn the ride of her life, but not in bed. And then there’s The Deacon, a man of short stature but tall on ego. And if those two weren’t enough, Carolyn finds herself involved with The Preacher – a man of the Cloth with just as many women chasing him as Bon Ton.

Each of these Mr. Rights finds new and inventive ways to shred Carolyn’s fragile self-esteem. However, there is one man in Carolyn’s life that she can always count on, and that’s Taylor.

But alas, Taylor is just a friend. Besides, Taylor is busy, involved in solving a brutal murder. The ‘who done it’, he knows. But it’s the ‘why’ that sends Taylor on a search through some of the swankiest and most sophisticated night clubs in Chicago.

Will Carolyn find her Mr. Right and will Taylor find the truth behind a wife’s brutal murder?

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