Eleanor Grunsback (An Ugly Woman’s Love Story)


‘It’s a deportation romance, too!’

Eleanor Grunsback is a 45 year old, lonely single, never been married, graying, and slightly plump woman who is asked to do a favor for a married friend.

That favor changes Eleanor’s life forever!

Eleanor’s married next door neighbor, Willow Meyers, a blonde haired, blue eyed, size ten, cheery 30 year old, has been having an affair with a Hispanic Professor from Mexico by the name of Juan Carlos Rodriguez, who desperately needs to immigrate to the United States because a powerful drug cartel wants him dead.

Willow and Juan are in love and want to marry but two things stand in their way; Willow’s husband, David, a rising pharmaceutical salesman, who doesn’t want a divorce and that Juan’s two-year Work Visa is about to expire. So, Willow concocts a plan – a green card marriage of convenience – that, hopefully, will keep Juan in the United States.  And Eleanor is at the heart of that plan.

But things quickly go awry when David finds out about his wife’s affair and takes steps to have Juan Carlos deported. Chased by the leader of a powerful drug cartel will Juan Carlos survive a return to his homeland?

What will happen when Eleanor faces the full wrath of both a vindictive husband and the United States government? Will her green card marriage of convenience turn into a horrible inconvenience?

Eleanor Grunsback is the story of a not so beautiful woman who’s given a chance for love in an unconventional way and is then faced with an unimaginable choice.

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