Flight 404


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Margaret Larson is the young beautiful African-American widow of WKXR TV station owner, Sam Larson — who is twenty years her senior — twice divorced and part of Peoria, Illinois all White upper class.

When Sam is suddenly killed in a bizarre Halloween plane crash Margaret is devastated but determined to carry on in spite of being spurned by all her society friends and Sam’s children from his previous marriage.

Sam’s protegé and friend, David Walker — a Denzel Washington look-alike — who was also in a mixed marriage, until his wife Kate was killed in a ‘Unabomber’ type explosion, comes to Margaret’s rescue and helps her pick up the pieces of her shattered life.

Soon David is running WKXR TV.  But he can’t or won’t forget about his friend, Sam Larson, and their conversation on the night he died.

His curiosity about the crash leads him to Thompson Airfield where the NTSB has brought the doomed plane.  Unfortunately, for David, he has an out-of-body experience and is forcibly ejected from the hangar.

Confused and embarrassed, David decides its best to leave while he still has a good reputation.  However, on his way to his car, he spots a man in the process of searching what he believes is his car.  He confronts the man only to find out it’s he who has the wrong car.  As an apology, he invites the man to lunch.

The man turns out to be Frank Roberts — field agent for the NTSB — and the agent in charge of investigating the crash of Flight 404.

Frank Roberts is an embittered disillusioned man whose own marriage ended in divorce.  He feels his career is going nowhere because of the NTSB’s new policy of promoting minorities.

Together, this odd pairing sets out to find the real reason why Flight 404 fell out of the sky on that fateful Halloween night.

Meanwhile, Margaret is slowly coming to grips with the death of her husband until on a lonely Thanksgiving night while looking at old snapshots, she realizes that Sam is the second one in a group of friends to die in a fatal plane crash.  She tries dismissing her suspicions as grief.  But when she finds an ominous email sent to her husband by an unknown party she is certain that the plane crash which killed her husband was no accident.  Sam was murdered!

Soon Margaret joins forces with David and Frank to find a killer before another plane falls from the sky.

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