STALKED! By Voices

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STALKED! By Voices is my soul searing autobiography of how I was stalked and mentally tortured for decades. It takes the reader from 1965 rural Latham, Alabama to present day Chicago, Illinois. Stalked! By Voices details a decades’ long story of stalking, sexual harassment and physical abuse.

In 1976 the word stalker did not exist. It did not become a common place word until after the unfortunate death of a celebrity, Rebecca Schaeffer, the star of the 1988 sitcom, My Sister Sam. Rebecca was shot and killed on her own doorstep in 1989 by Robert John Bardo, who the media claimed had stalked Rebecca for some time.

Before Rebecca’s death there was no such thing as being STALKED. So just imagine, you’re a young African American woman who’s neither rich, beautiful or famous trying to convince Police, back in the early 70’s, that someone is following you everywhere you go. As one policeman remarked to me, “Who would want to follow a nobody like you around?” Help was non existent. I had to learn to stay alive.

For example this excerpt from the book.

THEY SKINNED ME ALIVE! How can I describe to you what it’s like having your every thought put on public display for the amusement of others?
The closest I can come to it, is to say, that it’s like having your skin peeled off your body in long painful strips leaving you feeling totally exposed.

STALKED! By Voices tells the story of how an innocent young woman is left to fend for herself against a family of psychic predatory sexual stalkers.
And it asks why employers, a community, and local Police, did nothing to stop it, but instead joined in and supported the horrific abuse.

One thought on “STALKED! By Voices

  1. I recently attended a presentation to bring awareness to the general public about people who hear voices. (Prior to this I had become aware that our community does have a Hearing Voices group that meets once a week in a local Quaker meetinghouse, so I was interested to learn more.) I found the presenter, a man who has been diagnosed with a mental illness, to be very informative and candid. The story of his personal life experiences and the way he has dealt with his own voice hearing provided me with a lot of insight. I think it takes a lot of strength and courage to share your experiences with others. Stay positive – there are a lot of people who want to hear your story and who seek to understand your experience.

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