Jared Anderson (The Ruby and Jared Saga Book 2



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Born the only son of wealthy slave holding plantation owner Jared Anderson has loved but one woman, Ruby Sanders, since they children growing up together on the plantation. But Ruby is a slave. And when their love for each other was discovered, Ruby was sent off to another plantation.

It is nearing the end of the Civil War and Jared has made the ultimate sacrifice. He has become a deserter from the Confederate Army in order to fulfill a promise he made to Ruby when they were children — that one day she would be free.

To full-fill that promise Jared has moved his entire family, including Ruby, west to the Colorado territories. Along the way, they encountered drought, fire, a raging Mississippi River and two unexpected rivals.

Now, those rivals are about to play an integral part in Ruby and Jared’s destiny.
We pick up the story as Mennonite outcast Lorelei Hansmueller has followed Jared to Fort Latham, Colorado, after the death of her father, in hopes of making Jared her husband. Is Lorelei too late?

On the night of the fire, that destroyed Henry Wilkes’ new home, Ruby and Jared finally gave in to their passion and Ruby is pregnant with Jared’s child.

But can Ruby and Jared hold onto their relationship in a time when love, let alone marriage, between the races is strictly forbidden? Or will Lorelei force Jared into another loveless marriage with the threat of revealing his deadly secret?

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