Flight 404 Chapter 85

Chapter 85 The house slumbered a gray restless sleep of darkened hallways, leaky faucets, banging pipes, and appliances turning on and off.  Every sound Frank knew by hard.  It was the sound of the kitchen door closing that quicken his pulse. Lester Schuster eased down the darkened hallway leading from the kitchen to the living… Read More Flight 404 Chapter 85

Flight 404 Chapter 84

Chapter 84 Mrs. Sofia Alverez met her grandchildren’s plane as it arrived at Aeropuerto de Mexico Benito Juarez in Mexico City all the while wondering why her daughter had decided, at the last minute, not to accompany the children on the flight home. She had prepared for this day by washing and pressing the only… Read More Flight 404 Chapter 84

Flight 404 Chapter 83

Chapter 83 “JFK Control Tower to Trans Air Flight 200.  We have a situation on the ground.  Please respond.” “What kind of situation JFK?” “After your take-off, a body was found on Runway 22E. Captain Zukerman and his First Officer exchange puzzled glances.  “Say again JFK.  I don’t think we heard that correctly.  It sounded… Read More Flight 404 Chapter 83

Flight 404 Chapter 82

Chapter 82 We were walking down the main concourse of the airport when security found us.  A body had been found on Runway 22E.  “Rebecca?”  The name fell out of David’s mouth.  He seemed almost hopeful as he asked. “They don’t know who it is, answered one of the security guards.  The body was too… Read More Flight 404 Chapter 82

Flight 404 Chapter 81

Chapter 81 As Agent Sanchez, Frank and I argued with Trans Air’s representative, Captain Zukerman was listening to his First Officer call off the runway checklist and had been unaware of the people who had danced between life and death beneath the wheels of his plane.  “Tower, this is Trans Air Flight 200, requesting departure… Read More Flight 404 Chapter 81