Flight 404 Chapter 75

Chapter 75 Two agents from the Discreet Detective Agency staked out the Salem Hotel.  Frank and I took the Eighty-eight Street Hotel.  The Eighty-eight Street Hotel was a scene right out of a detective novel.  Calling this place seedy would have been a compliment.  The walls were two different shades of green.  Neither one especially… Read More Flight 404 Chapter 75

Flight 404 Chapter 74

Chapter 74 Our plane landed pretty much on time and without incident.  I must confess I was a little apprehensive about flying with Frank.  After all Rebecca Schuster was still out there. As I recall, we were at Baggage Claim when my mobile phone rang.  “Hello.” “Margaret it’s David. LaTanya gave me the message that… Read More Flight 404 Chapter 74

Flight 404 Chapter 73

Chapter 73 Maria Conchita Alonso Alverez took one subway train, two buses, and one and half hours to reach her third floor walk-up on Flatbush Avenue. As she turned the key in the lock, she said a silent prayer to St. Nicholas, the patron saint of children, that her four-year-old son, Juan, and her six-year-old… Read More Flight 404 Chapter 73

Flight 404 Chapter 72

Chapter 72 David’s soul could not rest.  Kate had loved him, he knew that from reading her diary, but she hadn’t been completely honest with him.  She was being threatened, harassed, and stalked, and had kept it all to herself.  Was she afraid to tell him?  Was there something lacking in him?  Did she think… Read More Flight 404 Chapter 72