Flight 404 Chapter 70

Chapter 70 March, Spring, Resurrection.  All things dead during the long winter were being resurrected, namely Saul Abramovitz.  He thought surely he’d gotten that bastard.  But two weeks ago, he’d gone to the Gary, Indiana newsstand where they sold out of state newspapers and had purchased a copy of the New York Times.  The Times… Read More Flight 404 Chapter 70

Flight 404 Chapter 68

Chapter 68 Mary Ellen Schuster was sitting in for Rebecca Schuster as usual when the file access warning came up on her screen.  She had programmed her personnel file to send her a warning whenever anyone retrieved it for review.  The ID tag on the reviewer was National Transportation Safety Bureau.  “Frank!” Hurriedly she took… Read More Flight 404 Chapter 68

Flight 404 Chapter 65

Chapter 65 While Ray ran to get a cold wet towel to revive David, Mary Ellen Schuster left the apartment. When he came to, his first words were, “where’s the tape?” “It’s still in the machine.”  answered a visibly shaken Ray.  David struggled to sit up.  Ray could tell, the man he’d allowed access to… Read More Flight 404 Chapter 65